Sinful Sweets For Raksha Bandhan To Double Up The Euphoria


The remarkable feature of Indian sweets is that any occasion is an ideal opportunity to indulge in one. Well, you have a grand reason to savour your favourite delicacy Raksha Bandhan. To make you drool and if you have a sweet tooth like mine, I will list a few of my favourites. So strap on, because you’re in for one sweet ride!

Mysore Pak

These little delicacies can completely melt-in-your-mouth – a must-try. This is just a modest subset from the constant-increasing repertory of Indian sweets. If you’re stressed about the number of calories and whatnot, just remember my personal mantra; stressed is just desserts spelt backwards.

Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo is another famous Indian sweet composed of chickpea or gram flour, sugar, and ghee. This is a one-stop ticket to diabetes. I kid you not. This is not your quintessential treat… one nibble of this baby, and you discover layers after layers of essences, hard besan dough masquerading under crisp, sweet. These ladoos can grant you the most intensive and pleasurable sugar rush ever.

Gulab jamun

A mithai is a mithai. It’s the ultimate prize an individual can obtain to give orgasms to his/her mouth. Every mithai is admirable, but if I had to choose gulab jamun would repeatedly be in the list.

Kaju Katli

While you are seeking for extravagant Rakshabandhan sweets, Kaju katli is here as a special Rakhi statement which possesses a fair chunk of cashew kernels and milk. Not to neglect, it is ornated with an edible silver foil called “Warq”. KAJU KATLI is everyone’s favourite, be it any occasion. One katli is not enough anytime.


Move over, pancakes… there’s no contest for the indulgent Malpua. A fried doughy golden disk immersed in sugary nectar sitting under a glob of thickened cream; I assure each mouthful of this sweet to grant you a place in hell because it’s that sinful!