Simple Ways To Kill Your Food Cravings

Woman on the diet craving to eat cake siting on the kitchen. Young attractive woman really wants to eat delicious cake. diet concept; Shutterstock ID 586654838; Job: gsk

“I would just have a simple burger… Umm, I should add ask for some cheese too.” Well, I know you can relate because we all have been there and done that second part. Food cravings can be problematic at times, and especially when you are trying to cut off some extra kilos. Just a secret… I have been trying to do that for a long time.

Now, I am not saying that it is your fault totally. Well, somehow science has a connection. Our hormones, namely, leptin and serotonin are responsible for the food cravings. If our body feels the imbalance between the two, we tend to crave food. But hey, you can’t just run with that excuse. I know it’s tough because I have been trying to do that for a long time now. Let’s directly talk about it.

Try Some Flavored Drinks

There are several options to choose from when it comes to flavoured drinks. You can go for, mint, basil, cucumber, basil, berries, and many more drinks. I personally like the mint one. These drinks are capable of soothing our tastebuds and also kill the cravings.

Imagine That You Are Eating The Food You Crave For:

Sounds stupid, ain’t it? Well, I was surprised at this one but this has also been published by the well-known magazine, Appetite that if you picture yourself eating the food you desperately want to eat, your cravings will go away, and you will not feel hungry.

Just Go Out and Walk

Another crazy one… But, it sounds practical. I’ve tried, so I can assure you. The best way to kill the cravings is just by going on a walk or running on a treadmill. According to PLOS ONE, people who spend an average of 15 minutes on a treadmill are able to resist cravings easily.