Simple Ways to Add Collagen to Your Daily Diet


Collagen is the leading protein that helps to bring some structure on your skin, makes it glow and gives it a good finish. There are so many items on store that you can bring to boost the daily intake of collagen into your diet. But make sure of one thing.

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You need to put some restrictions before you can make the change. So it is better that you don’t smoke or consume lesser alcohol for the collagen to actively work inside your system.

Ways to add collagen to your diet:

Take out time for some bone broth

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Have you ever had bone broth? Well if you haven’t then here is the right time to do so. You have to simmer animal bones into hot water and then break them down so that they can constitute into a simple broth like structure. Since bones are made out of connective tissues like calcium, magnesium, and other necessities, it becomes a viable option to eat this broth and boost the collagen intake to your diet.

Add the fish to your diet.

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Adding fish to your diet will help you to boost all your collagen levels. It can be the perfect way to intake some protein to your diet. And at the same time, you can sou vide salmon, prepare it in light hot water and consume it four times in a week to give the collagen a perfect boost.

Egg whites are the best.

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Egg whites contain a high level of proline which can you can immediately add to your diet. You can batter some egg whites into your pan and then add some flour to make a wholesome cake out of it. Whatever you do, adding some egg whites into your diet can bring and boost the collagen factor rightly.

These three amazing foods will help to boost all the collagen function into your system. With the help of these amazing food, you can be actively strong and healthy as well.