Simple Tips To Manage Appetite And Food In The Lockdown


No one on this planet is oblivious to the pandemic of Coronavirus. Once known as a simple flu virus has now mutated and has spread radically all over the world. India has been of complete lockdown for five days now, and soon the necessities will suffer a significant shortage. I am not saying this to spread panic, but it is a wake-up call to be resourceful. These are war-like times, and we must do our bit to survive these uncertain times. The first things we need to save our food and groceries. We cannot eat like the old times; I have some simple tips for you to mage your appetite as well as the food.

Don’t Eat Out of The Packet

Assorted Food On White Ceramic Plate

Even if you have biscuits, take them out from the packet and consume. We gorge on items like chips right out of the pack. We will do the same with other packaged items too, including cornflakes. These times need us to control our intake so we don’t end up empty before we can re-stock.

Eat More Proteins

Egg Sandwich, Egg, Bread, Yolk, Boiled Eggs

Unfortunately for your taste buds, I would recommend you to eat more protein than fat. Protein will keep you full for hours. Eating protein will result in more energy and a leaner physique. You may end up losing those unwanted pounds.

Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking water before meals will help you consume fewer calories. There is no need to think that you will suffer from malnutrition. The nutritional quantity in your diet will be enough for you when you eat after drinking a glass of water.

Eat In Small Plates

Vegetable Sandwich on Plate

The bigger the plate is, the more you eat. Take small portions first, and if you are still hungry, take some more. When we use larger plates, we tend to take and eat more.