Should The Use Of Plastic Be Completely Banned Even To Package Food?


Yes. Not only in the fields of industrial use, but the use of plastic should and must be a ban on the packing of the food items also. Not only me, in fact, every citizen should also understand the harmful effects of the plastic. We don’t care about the effects of plastic in present, but in future, plastic will be the reason for our extinction.

According to the Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs, the use of plastic was decided to ban in every public and private sector. This decision was made on September 15. According to my studies, government and many world-wide organisations are working on this project. basically this project defines to reduce the use of plastic as it is non-renewable and its half-life is for about millions of years.
Now, let’s understand the reasons, why plastic should be ban.

Why plastic should be ban?

The most important reason for the plastic ban is, plastic is a man-made, non-biological product. It contaminates the soil, sea waters, and every part of the ecosystem. When the plastic is burnt, it releases very harmful gases which pollutes the air quality. In fact, plastic is the main reason for the deaths of many domestic animals. Innocent animals aren’t aware of this dangerous thing. When we pack our waste food in polybags and throw them, the animals try to consume the food inside those polythene bags due to which plastic is also consumed. This leads to choking and death of those animals. Sometimes I personally think that plastic is one of the reasons for the disturbance in the balance of our nature.

Sometimes I don’t understand the thing that why people accept the plastic bags from the shop keeper when they have to throw it on the roads and pollute it like this only. As I mentioned before, plastic is the reason for our extinction, some or other way, we, human being are the wildest reason for our own extinction and for all the imbalance of nature. Despite knowing that, plastic will trap wildlife, cause motor crashes, and wind up the trees, no one cares about the future.

Should Plastic Be Completely Ban on Food Packages?

I personally think, in supermarkets and other outlets, plastic bags for sale should be made illegal. Moreover, the killings of huge numbers of marine lifestyle are because of plastic bags, actually, food bags. We as a human must think that accepting and continuing to use plastic bags is totally wasteful, and it will burn the future of billions and trillions of lives living on this planet. The government must charge a huge amount of fine on supermarkets that continue the supply of plastic bags while some markets can be rewarded for working strictly on plastic ban.

Spreading Awareness

I think, not only the government of respective countries or only the welfare organisations must work to decrease the minimum usage of plastic, we, as a citizen of our country, must also take some actions for it. Public awareness, campaigns, and Nukkad Natak should be the medium to spread this issue. The more the awareness, the more will be the betterment of global and national issues.

The awareness must cover all the environmental issues such as waste dump, usage and throw of plastic, pollution, and the very main point, impact of plastic on our future.

In the end, I just want to say that, plastic will be harming all of us, the packing of plastic on food will be harming all of us till the time we are allowing it to. A bright future or a devastating end, it is now in your hands. Choose it wisely.