Serengeti: A Place You Would Not Want To Come Back From


The Serengeti is one of the most prominent national parks in Africa and displays some of the finest wildlife viewings in the world. As one of the most notable attractive safari, it is known to generate a spark in the mind of every visitor. There are diverse vegetation and fauna accompanied by the immense wilderness along with the fertile grounds of grazing. The succeeding sites will illustrate the reasons for which every visitor must see this national park.

Perhaps one of the most common reasons is the Great Migration when about a million wildebeest migrate from southern Tanzania north towards Kenya and backwards again.

Living up to its identity, the Savannah stretches long and beyond what your eyes can witness, and your mind can unravel. This seemingly never-ending vastness across 15.000 square kilometres will offer you space to breathe and to accept a break from the world as you know it.

Floating across the grassland in a hot-air balloon is undoubtedly more than a compelling reason for visiting Serengeti. Leave the rest of the life behind altogether and encounter the most beautiful morning one can conceive of.

The Serengeti is mainly renown for its migrating wildebeest and its dense lion population. Lion, panther and cheetah sightings are frequent, as are the elephant and buffalo.

If there was entirely one reason why you should see the Serengeti, it would naturally be the archetypal African safari sunsets.