“Sand Ki Aankh” Is The Women Empowerment Movie India Needed


The first trailer for “Sand ki Aankh,” (Bullseye) was released recently, and it is the talk of the town now. The biopic based on the inspiring life of old aged sharpshooters Chandaro and Prakashi Tomar could inspire a new generation of women Shooters.

I would have preferred that older actresses should have been cast for the roles, but it would not have gotten much appeal from the mass audience. Nonetheless, Bhumi and Tapsee acted well and showed some energetic skills.

We are living in an era of change which can be hauntingly disturbing for the male patriarchy, and I couldn’t be happier. For generations, we have lived in the cycle of toxic masculinity which oppressed and even killed uncountable females. Art is supposed to inspire you; I hope it inspires the coming generations and the older folks too.

There is a saying, “First they laugh at you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” These words fit perfectly into the lives of Chandaro and Prakashi Tomar. Their struggle and loss didn’t stop them from conquering medals at the age of 60. How many of us can say we are fit even at the age of twenty-nine or thirty? I think their story should inspire both men and women to live a life through full potential.