Safety Measures To Keep Kids Protected On Diwali


Festive season and the warmth of the time are certain to spread off on everyone, most of all. Personally, Diwali is a reason to sit back and spend quality time with kids. I don’t get the time almost the whole year because of the constant work and travelling. And, this is the only time my whole family unites. Though I am not just interested in talking to the kids, but also enjoy and celebrate Diwali with them.

If shooting firecrackers is a custom in your household, you require to take extra care of the children. Below are a few hacks and suggestions I have personally tried and checked to keep kids safe and sound on this holiday.

I don’t need to stress on the fact that most of the kids love crackers. One of the initial steps that I would like you to take is to buy quality and premium crackers from approved and legal stores. These types of outlets have firecrackers that are prepared with absolute norms so they can’t lead to adverse harms.

This is the most overlooked tips on days like this “clothing”. Obviously, you would be covering up your kids in silk or synthetic clothes, but I would suggest you play safe, and always make them wear dresses made up of cotton material.

I invariably make sure that I am with kids beside him/her to supervise them while burning crackers. Kids have a habit of ignoring all the circumstances it’s up to you have them a check every moment to ward off any mischief.

Do you realize what the most neglected factor is? Cracker disposal. I always make sure burnt crackers are disposed of properly, preferably in a bucket of water to ensure a partially burnt part doesn’t hurt kids.

Some over-enthusiastic kids feel an ever-peculiar to reach a heated part of crackers never oblige them to do this feat as there is a chance of explosion anytime.

Diwali celebrations are meant to be experienced with everyone to teach children about compassion and protect them physically harmless to establish; they also sense the safety of them and others. It’s my humble request to keep an eye on your kids.