‘Safely Remove USB Flash Drive’- Is It Essential?


Safely Remove USB Flash Drive is a no brainer for everyone. When you are opting to move out of your flash drive, then you are prompted with this pop-up on the screen. But do you need it? 

The use of write caching on your drive for your Safely Remove USB Flash Drive

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On Windows or the other platforms, you don’t usually remove the drive promptly. This can cause corruption of data and at the same time, loss of the data which is transferred. The main reason why the message is displayed is due to caching.

With the help of write caching, there are still data hungover on your drive

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It will seem like the transfer is done, but with the use of the Safely Remove USB Flash Drive’, you can do it thoroughly. Write caching will wait for your cue to finish up with the transfer. Once you hit the safely eject option, it will be completed.

Windows do it for the option on Safely Remove USB Flash Drive

For often, you have promptly and abruptly taken off your drive without opting for the eject button. So Windows has a new technique for the users so that they don’t lose their data. With the use of the latest updates, the write caching is automatically disabled on Windows. This is done so that you don’t lose your data while you have taken the drive off, leisurely.

Checking the Quick Removal option

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If you write, click on the tab of your drive, then you will find the properties section. This can be shown in Windows 7. Once you are there, you can choose the hardware sub-section. When you click on the policy tab from there, then you can check that the ‘quick removal’ is automatically updated. So you don’t have to worry about the Safely Remove USB Flash Drive’ anymore. With the new Windows, all your data is safely secured during and after the transfer. This is mainly for the people and those who are in a hurry so that they cannot opt for the eject button always.