Run Before or After Workout: What’s More Effective?


Runners of the present day go through oceans of dilemma. Especially in the competitive scenario, they need to constantly update themselves with the newer approaches used worldwide to improvise performance.

Running alone can never take a runner to the heights. One must couple a lot of other exercises and techniques to get an edge over fellow competitors. Today, cross training is gaining a worldwide popularity because it targets various muscles, demands a lot of energy, gives improvised heart rates, and builds a runner in a whole 360 degrees.

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The question hence arises? Should I run before or after I lift? Nobody can give you an exact scientific answer to this tricky but valid question. But here is something important for you to ponder.

What exactly are your goals?

Let’s except it, most of us are not elite runners who wish to get competitively better at running (otherwise in that case your conditioning coach would have your query cleared). So the general goals that all of us have are-

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  1. Increase in stamina
  2. Better muscular endurance
  3. A greater lower body strength
  4. Flexibility and mobility increment
  5. Enriched sense of balance
  6. Going for a fat loss

The best answer for all these goals would be that you must ‘make a mixed workout plan to keep yourself guessing.’ This will give you a better metabolism, mental stimulation, increased fat-burning. Also, it provides your sore muscles with a time to rest and recover.

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The key: Train as per your goals.

  • If you want to build endurance, run last.
  • If you want to build muscles, run first.
  • If you want to burn fat, run in the end of the workout.
  • You can also follow the 3-3 rule where you plan a week of running first and last alternatively.

Happy running!