Rumours Denied By DC That Todd Phillips Is To Make More Origin Movies


So a rumour spread like a fire yesterday that Todd Phillips and Scott Silver are under negotiations to create a whole portfolio of DC Supervillains/Superhero origin films. Another hopeful news was Todd Phillips is being approached to develop a Joker sequel, and Juaquin Phoenix is also onboard.

It is an excellent idea to create a colourful palette of dark and damaged villains and their sombre origin movies. But to burdon, only two men for all the movies is stretching it a little too far. I think that every Batman villain has his or her’s uniqueness to them. Their past is different, their traumas are different, which defines their infliction and it’s executing through evil.

Joker is a trending topic; people will read anything related to Joker to understand more and more about Arther Fleck and the process that made such a melancholic yet beautiful movie. If DC wants to make more origin movies, Mr Freeze’s tragic love story should be the next. A man fighting for the love of his life and punishing the world for his loss has a great depth to it. While if Todd Phillips is to develop another Joker movie, he should definitely introduce Harley Quinn’s origin story and explore her Stockholm syndrome. I would love to see Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker jiving with his one true love.

The next step for DC will be their most crucial one. The success of Joker has put them in a position where they can create a more massive fanbase and compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have always believed that DC characters have a more relatable arc and development than Marvel characters. But as of now, no sequel to Joker is officially announced.