People Who Hated Roman Reigns Are Now His Supporters And It’s Completely Fine


Right now the best thing for me to do is to go home, to focus on my family and my health. But I want to make one thing clear, by no means is this a retirement speech. Because after I’m done whooping leukemia’s ass once again, I’m coming back home. – Roman Reigns

By now you all must be aware that WWE superstar, Roman Reigns has leukemia. Well, he made the announcement on WWE Monday Night Raw’s episode that aired on 22nd October. First of all, nobody was expecting this and even in dreams would not have thought about it. But, the sad reality has undoubtedly brought some dark clouds and has broken several hearts around the globe. But, this was not the case always. Roman Reigns’ career has been full of hatred. The man has been clowned and has faced a lot of criticism. Many of his decisions that were obviously made via the WWE scripts made him the bad man in front of the WWE universe. Well, this happens, and a lot of times you find yourself standing among the bunch of haters. That’s how WWE works.

Even at the time when Roman walked down to the ramp on Raw to announce about his disease, he was being booed by thousands of people in the crowd. But, everything changed as soon as he announced that he has leukemia. Well, this was a proof that WWE universe will never wish something life-threatening thing happen to their star. Everyone who was booing Roman during his entrance started to cheer him after his announcement. I don’t know about you, but it made me cry. Even I never liked Roman Reigns. I had my reasons, and I am not ashamed of it. But, the way he told his story, made me cry like a baby. I was thinking about him and how he would fight the disease? Will he ever come back and live his dreams again? A lot was going through my mind, and I know the similar things would’ve been going on in the minds of the people who did not use to like him.

But, don’t think that if you hated him, you are a wrong person. Well, I am sure you would not have cursed the man behind the character called Roman Reigns. You would not have wished anything wrong for him. You don’t like his role, and that’s completely fine because that’s how World Wrestling Entertainment portrayed his character. Despite that, Roman has been faithful to his fans. He has always stood by them and has involved himself in different charity works. These are the things which define that Joe is not an evil human being. He’s just doing his job, and in the process, he made some haters.

Roman is probably going through his toughest phase, and if you are standing beside him, then you have my salute. Because this defines that there’s nothing wrong with the man behind the bullet-proof vest. He’s a father of three kids and battling leukemia will not be easy for him. But, there’s respect he has earned which will never vanish from the hearts of WWE fans. I mean, look at this in a way – a man whom you hate the most is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. What will you do? Well, I can tell that you will never wish death on him/her. Because we know, there’s no coming back from it. No matter how much you hate’em, every evil thought will go out of the window, and that’s important.

No problem, if you start hating him again after he beats leukemia’s ass and returns to that ring. But, I am pleased that you are ready to support him during his battle against his biggest enemy, leukemia. His announcement has indeed raised awareness and built a fighting spirit among many people across the world.

We just pray for him and wish him all the best for his battle. I hope he comes back stronger than ever. #ThankYouRoman