Robot Restaurant Comes to Bengaluru


India is undoubtedly progressing exponentially. The Robot Restaurant’s fourth branch has opened its doors for Bengaluru after its emphatic victory in Chennai and Coimbatore. The Bengaluru restaurant is located on the 100ft road in Indira Nagar.

The food you ordered will be served by five robots, and one usher robot will take you to your table. Isn’t it cool? I am already excited to visit the place. The tables will have digital menus (Tablets), as your order is prepared, the robots will come and serve you. The robots are programmed to interact and sing birthday songs also.

The Usher Robot has facial recognition installed inside, so whenever you visit after the first time, you will be recognized and welcomed accordingly.

The restaurant will have an Indo-Asian menu and will be able to accommodate about a hundred customers in one sitting. Mocktails are also added in the menu.

Venkatesh Rajendaran, the founder of Robot restaurants wanted the IT capital of India to be its next venture. He opened the first restaurant in February 2017 in Chennai.

The robots have named like Shikha, Harini, Janja, and Yashwini.