Right Time To Eat These Common Foods


There are certain foods which are great for health. But eating them at the wrong time can mess things up. You see with every good thing some disadvantages will always come, same goes with food. It doesn’t matter how healthy milk is! But consuming it at the wrong time can make things worse. So in this article, I am going over some products that you should only consume at a certain time.

Milk: It is made to be consumed at night before going to bed. Taking it in the morning won’t disturb the flow, but milk is best taken on a full belly.

Yogurt: Yogurt is not meant to be consumed at night because it can cause problems like gas and acidity. Also, winter is the best time to consume yogurt.

Buttermilk: Though buttermilk keeps the body cool, consuming it in scorching weather can give some burning sensation. It is meant to be taken after a meal.

Dark Chocolate: Have a small bite of dark chocolate in the morning, and it will keep you full all day long. It is also good for the heart and protects the skin against the harmful UV rays.

Rice: Doctors do not recommend taking rice at night with dinner because it takes a little more time to digest hence lunch.

Nuts: Nuts have everything fiber, vegetable protein, and fat. The best time to have nuts is in the afternoon, during lunch and every morning with breakfast but never in dinner.