Right Face Oil For Your Skin Type Could Be Game-Changing


It’s never late to learn new things and overpower the believed myths. A well-settled myth-“don’t use face oils, it can cause you acne”, I mean you got to be kidding if you being an adult believe it. A well-said idiom, a stone breaks a stone, similarly, oil breaks up the harshness of oil on your face. Honestly, face oils are worth the hype. They might add an extra step to your daily- regimen but you’d appreciate after seeing the glow and nourishing done automatically.

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Okay, so you have to be pretty careful when selecting an appropriate oil for your face. First thing first, you should be aware of your skin type. Is it a dry, oily, mix, normal or sweat-producing skin? Unpopular opinion- oils aren’t just apt for dry skins but also prove out to be the best tool for combating wind-ravished complexion in winters.

Our body produces oil naturally, but it decreases as we age which causes the last thing women want on their faces i.e. wrinkles, fine-lines and breakout. So a facial oil keeps it protected from all the environmental damage.

It is always advised to use oils which are fine and light-weighted so that they can easily penetrate into your skin without clogging your pores.
So, the biggest questions of our life, How! and What!. You know it all if you know the how’s and what’s in your life.

Sensitive Skin

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Essential oils are a strict no for sensitive skin. Apart from being highly-concentrated these causes irritation which can turn out to be more fatal.

Combination Skin
You need to do good research before buying facial oil if you have this skin. Find an oil which acts as both anti-inflammatory and hydrating.

Oily Skin

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Light-weighted, soothing and fine oils are best suited for oily skins. Tea tree oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil are some purifying ingredient which can be appropriate for your skin.