Rick And Morty Season 4 Is Arriving Sooner Than You Expected


The adventurous duo of the alcoholic scientist and anxious grandson is coming back with a bang on AdultSwim. The season 4 trailer has just been released, and we can’t keep calm. The expectations are very high among the fans because of the standards set in the third season.

The trailer shows Rick being cocky and awesome as always, and Morty being the curious anarchist. The era of adult cartoons has been divided by this very show, the world of adult cartoon shows will forever be known as pre-Rick and Morty and Post Rick and Morty. The cult following they have created has to stanch credence in the brilliance of the show.

The new season is about a month away; it will be released on November 10. I have started a countdown clock on my desktop till the first episode airs. The season four will have two phases; phase one will have five episodes. I saw a glimpse of Mr Meeseeks; we can only wonder the mayhem and fun they will come up with.

The earlier rumours that despite being a huge hit Rick and Morty was cancelled were put to bed by adult swim by announcing the fourth season. Rick and Morty is a cerebral show which requires a lot of brainstorming to create a show worthy of the laurels it deserves, which caused the delay in the making of the fourth season.