Recipe: Old School Chocolate Mousse


Who doesn’t like chocolate? I remember being excited during the season of Christmas, as I use to get a lot of chocolate mousse and other chocolate dishes to eat. The fresh, creamy, and the perfect texture of the mousse can make anyone melt.

There are so many ways to make chocolate mousse, but the most famous one is Old School Chocolate Mousse. And like the name, it’s the easiest thing to make, so let’s get started with the process of this “melting-in-the-mouth” chocolate mousse.

7 ounces good-quality chocolate (between 60-70% cacao)
6 eggs
Pinch of salt
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
(This serves about 6-8 people)

Melt the chocolate in the double boiler and then set it aside once it melts properly, and let it cool down to the room temperature.

Now, separate the eggs, the white part and the yolk into two different bowls. The add a pinch of salt in the white part and whip it, but make sure that it doesn’t get dry. Now, add the melted chocolate in the yolk and whip till they both are mixed together. Now, using a spatula, fold the white egg, into the mixture of yolk and chocolate, very carefully. Make sure that you don’t over mix it. Pour the batter in a bowl and let it refrigerate for at least three hours.

In a separate bowl, with the help of an electric beater, whip the cream and vanilla extract till they become stiff. Apply this whipped cream on the old mousse cake, and here you have the perfect thing in the world, OLD SCHOOL CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. Remember, the more the whipped cream, the better the mousse is.