Reasons That Will Make You Watch ‘Spirited Away’ Again And Again


Spirited away will always be devoted to my soul because it is, at heart, it has much more than its face value. Hayao Miyazaki‘s masterpiece still stays out as one I will watch repeatedly. I often remark film as great because of its stunning visuals. Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli offer stunning animation of fascinating places and individuals. It is an original, scary film, and it’s the movie that enlightened me up to Miyazaki. The movie tells the story of a young woman overcoming the ambiguities and fears that I looked all around me — and that initial parallel was just a traverse into identifying with this docile, ultimately triumphant heroine.

Every individual feels alone in distinct moments in their life. Spirited Away captures that grasp of being misinterpreted and deserted. It later explains that all the while, there is a crowd of uncanny beings at your back.

Your temperament, your identification, your writing, these are rare fragments of you… And once they’re in the grips of someone else, who can adapt and play with them, they strip you of your very autonomy.

The lead character has insecurities. She whimpers, broods, and even neglects her parents. She’s not someone you’d desire to befriend, but she developed into one of my closest movie friends as I watched Spirited Away time after time.

Spirited Away has a female protagonist, but its primary villain is likewise a woman. The proprietor of the bathhouse where Chihiro finds employment. Yubaba rules her kingdom with sorcery and rage. She is a woman who is both at the dominant of the rank and a mom. A woman’s maternal function does not distinguish her, and it is heartening to meet a female antagonist who possesses it all.

Lin is a young woman with the same fears and anxieties as any other. “She’s courageous,” and that is a universal advocate for daring young female characters — but Lin’s importance is broader than that. She has fears (enough of them), ultimately she overcomes them to accomplish her ends even when these worries are of the most superficial nature, like a stranded-raising distaste for high elevations.