RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel Will Vanish Your Acne Scars


In my teenage years, I used to get a lot of pimples on my face; I was dumb back then, so I scratched on the itches. They left scars that never faded away. I felt ugly and embarrassed because of my mistakes.

I went to a few dermatologists, who always recommended expensive laser sessions, which I could never afford. I came to know about the RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel from a friend. She said it lightened the scars on her face for real, and I should try it also. So I bought one tube of the gel.

The RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel came in a white tube with elegant packaging. The gel demands to be applied three to four times a day on your scars. Squeeze out a little amount of the gel, and place it on the scar gently in a button-sized amount. If your scars are new, use the gel for two and a half months, and if they are old, you will need to use the RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel for three to six months. But, it will surely deliver the results.

The RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel heals the acne scars by Allantoin, which is a depigmentation factor in for acne scars. The onion extracts present in the gel act as anti-microbial agents. It is also rich in proteins and saponins. Bulbine frutescens leaf extract helps our skin to restructure new skin cells.

These are the reasons why the RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel works so efficiently if we use it regularly. I am using the gel for a while, and I can confidently say that it is helping my skin very much. If you want to save your money from laser treatments, you should try RE’ EQUIL Pitstop™ Gel.