RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Face Wash Review


I have sensitive skin. If I get pimples, I get scars, and they itch and hurt like hell. Sometimes I control the urge to scratch sometimes; I can’t. I needed a skincare solution that reduced these symptoms and cleared my face of acne and excess oil also.

I had tried RE’ EQUIL brand products before and was satisfied with the results. As soon as I found out about RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Face Wash, I instantly purchased it; I had faith; it will fix my issues.

The RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Face Wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a lid that has a small opening for a balanced flow of the liquid. To use the face wash, take the wash and massage over your damp face till it forms a good lather, then wash it off. I felt a soothing sensation after use.

The zinc in the face wash retains the moisture of the skin and is anti-inflammatory. The face wash is sulphate free, which does not take the natural moisture away from the skin. It subsides the itchiness of my pimples, it feels very gentle on my skin, and when the acne leaves, it won’t form a scar.

I am pleased with the results of RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Face Wash. Once again, RE’ EQUIL maintained their standard and delivered what they promised. I will use the RE’ EQUIL Oil Control Face Wash in perpetuity as it has been a brilliant product.