Put On A Happy Face As Joker Becomes The Highest Grossing R-rated Film Of All Time


To be honest, I was waiting for this news since October 4. Joker has now officially surpassed Deadpool movies as the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever. In a span of just twenty-two days, Joker has earned $788.1 million (I hope it crosses the billion-dollar mark). Let me remind you that it has nothing to do with the controversy, a cinematic masterpiece always finds its way into the heart of the audience.

For those who have seen Joker; how many times did you see it? And for those who have not seen it, get a life. I think Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips gave us the greatest character arc of all time. It gave a voice to the unheard, induced laughter in the darkest moments, and most importantly, it made us brave. The effort paid off through a compelling story.

Ryan Reynolds congratulated Joker in the most Deadpool way possible. When I saw his Instagram post, I could barely hold my laughter. When Joker was released, it also broke the record for the best October opening of all time. While reaching the highest-grossing R-rated status, Joker surpassed the earning of The Matrix Reloaded, and The Passion of the Christ. Both movies are incredible in my opinion.

Joker had it all, an incredible script, genius acting and direction, focused cinematography, and an ear-piercing soundtrack. Since Heath Ledger played the Joker in The Dark Knight, it has become an honour to be selected to play the role. Juaquin Phoenix carried the legacy of Joker with all his heart and might. More records and a few Oscars are coming next for Joker I bet.