Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage With These Tips


I love blow drying my hair as much as the next person. And hence, I understand the very real consequences of not taking substantial care of it. If you are someone who plugs in your hair machines as much as your charger, then I have some great chunks of advice for you about hair care.

Here’s how you can protect your hair from the intense damage of regular blow-drys.

#1 Oil and condition your hair thoroughly

Go back to basics. It is essential to maintain the posterity of your hair, and you can achieve it by oiling it regularly. You should oil almost half as much as you iron it.

#2 Take care of your diet and make it nutrient friendly

Binge eating and excessive drinking are the literal enemies of your hair. Never let it come in between your hair’s journey. To maintain the natural shine of your hair, you must begin rectifying your diet.

#3 Use a styling product religiously

Serums and creams are a godsend. Based on their composition, they do a decent job of protecting your hair from the blitzing heat. Let yourself be drowned in essential products every chance you get.

#4 Every once in a while, give your hair a break

It is essential that you let your hair breath. Take breaks between hairstyling and heated iron and leave your hair be. When allowed with some breathing moments, your hair has a better chance at rejuvenation.

Hope you adopt these literal life-saving tips and tricks.

Toodles for now.