Popular Nail Shapes That You Can Give A Try To

I am in love with the shape of you!


Lusting after those cool nails of Cardi B? Who said you have to shell out a bomb to get a nail makeover? Here I am with some fresh ideas that will make your nails trendy and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Nail Extensions: Not every woman is blessed with healthy, perfectly shaped nails, and that’s why we have nail extensions. Go wild in the shop and choose the style that appeals to your inner diva. So, in order to help you out, I have got three shapes that will go with your real nails as well as extensions.

Square-shaped nail: Planning to wear a saree to an event or floor-length gown? Square nails are what you need. They are perfect for those occasions where you need to look elegant and as graceful as a cat. Also, they are short, so you won’t have to take a lot of care while enjoying the party.

Almond-shaped nail: Shaped just like almonds, they are not exactly pointy. They tapered to the top and filled finely along the sides. However, handling these nails is a tricky job. They do not hold on to your natural nails well. So think again before you take the leap.

Stiletto-shaped nail: Don’t feel sexy when you put on those killer stilettos? Do you get that I-am-almighty feeling when you are wearing one? Well, then the stiletto-shaped nail extensions are just for the likes of you. Just like the namesake, these are slightly longer than usual and of course pointy. Several Hollywood celebs are sporting these nail extensions. However, you need to keep in mind that these are high maintenance and not at all practical. For example – you won’t be able to type out a text on your phone with these nails. So like I said before, think before you leap.

These are three designs I had in mind. Let me know your favorite designs and why. DM me @the_malelhi_girl