Please Don’t Waste Your Time On Watching These Worst Films Of 2019


Like a good movie fan, I try to watch all the movies that seem good and could provide me with entertainment or knowledge. But that’s the risk of trying to watch most of the films; you will come to see some terrible ones too, these movies give you a headache or kill you with boredom. I had the misfortune of watching these produced films; I am warning you not to watch these films under any circumstances.


The reboot of the Guillermo del toro classic Hellboy starring David Harbor failed even to gather a crowd at the theatre. The film was banal and had no charm or excitement to it. It was unable to perform on all aspects. You can watch the original Hellboy franchise instead.

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix

It was already predicted that the film would bomb at the box-office. Neither did it exceeded the expectations. They re-shot a lot of sequences, tried and tested all the ways to make it work, but it failed all the same. Some movies were never supposed to be made; Dark Phoenix was one such film.


We were excited to see Superman go villainous, but the poor direction and writing wrecked the film up. I was waiting for Brightburn for a long time, and it broke my heart to see such a concept go to waste. They should not try to make a sequel to it.

The Dirt

A movie which tells the story of a band and does not have much music and concert scenes in it. The filmmakers failed to properly make a film on the notorious group ‘Motley Crew.’ The acting is poor; the cinematography is weak, nothing syncs, it is just a waste of precious time that you won’t get back.