Pickle Rick: An Overrated or Underrated Fandom?


If you read an article on the web, then you will see that Pickle Rick is being compared to Family Guy. Is it that bad? Well, here is a comparative guide to the episode if you are still new to the Rick and Morty universe.

What happened?

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You know Rick. He is the genius equivalent to Manhattan (too underwhelming as a reference). Rick and his family had to attend family therapy, but the old man turned himself into a pickle. As the episode starts, Rick screams to Morty from his garage. Morty, not too surprised, finds out the main idea of Rick turning himself into a pickle so that he can escape the family counselling. The very reason why Beth, Rick’s beloved daughter, carries the pickle serum with her.

So… is it good?

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If you ask for personal opinions, then it is just another hardcore action movie ripped off from the plot, which revolves around Rick fighting with the Russian Soviets just because he landed in their bathroom. And there he meets Jaguar.

The B plot revolves around the whole family counseling. As ironic as it is, the episode ends with a ‘LONG MONOLOGUE’ from the family counsellor. Rick, being Rick, dismisses the whole dialogue and says the same thing, ‘what a monologue, huh?’

Pickle Rick is just eh.

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The fandom goes crazy about just a pickle and nothing else. Is this Dan’s way of showing how we don’t catch the zest of the show and focus on small things that are out of the blue? Well, Pickle Rick is a good watch, but it packs no hefty punch on the guts. You might be thinking, how can a pickle…Does a pickle do such things? Well, it is not a pickle. It is a pickle rick.

But, there is something good about the episode.

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The whole monologue from the doctor’s end is a good speech. The one which will make you think, even for a minute.