Phy In The Clear Superlight Moisturizer Review


People with acne issues need to keep their skin hydrated and moisturized. I use moisturizers daily and change the product according to the season or my skin condition. Recently I noticed I was having pimples on my face frequently. The old moisturizer wasn’t working anymore, so I went in search of something new and useful for me.

After searching a lot of online stores I bought the Phy In The Clear Superlight Moisturizer. I have used it for three weeks now and my experience has been wonderful.

The Phy In The Clear Superlight Moisturizer came inside an elegant container with a pump inside to squeeze out the right amount of moisturizer. To use the product, I squeeze out the required amount of the liquid and spread it across my face. I wa surprised how easily it was absorbed on my face and it felt like a feather on my skin.

I could see the difference in two weeks’ time. My skin felt hydrated and the acne was fading. The Phy In The Clear Superlight Moisturizer eliminated the excess oil in my skin. The lemon in it managed to keep the tone of my skin even, green tea extracts fought the acne, and glycolic exfoliated my skin.

The Phy In The Clear Superlight Moisturizer is a silicon-free product. It is so light that you can barely feel it, and the best part is that it is not greasy like other moisturizers. I am delighted with the product and will recommend it all.