Philippines: A Country of Thousands of Islands


It can be tricky to decide where to travel in the Philippines, there are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, which means the spectrum of making choices is very broad. It gets even more complicated when the whole country is a gift of nature.

The Philippines is a bucket-list destination for the people inspired by wanderlust. The diverse range of destinations in the Philippines can range from tropical beaches to mountains.


The Beach capital of the Philippines has more than twelve beaches. Boracay is the ultimate destination for the folks who are seeking relaxation and beach activities. Boracay is home to a diverse range of beaches like the White Beach, Puka Shell Beach, and Cagban beach of mysterious caves.


Enter the land of Palawan through the magical gateway of Puerto Princesa, the longest underground river of the world, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sights you see along the way will remain in your memories forever.


Chocolate Hills

Bohol is home the magnificent chocolate hills in Carmen. There are more than 1200 geological formations which become brown in the dry season. The Bohol beach is a major attraction, and it is also home to the tiny tarsier, a cute nocturnal primate with big eyes.


Sagada is the land of the adventurers. The unique part of Sagada are the hanging coffins, hiding deep behind the Echo valley mountains. These areas are not a regular tourist destination so you will need a guide to take you there safely. Mount Ampaco is a favorite hiking destination for tourists. You can also visit the rice field terraces in the surrounding mountains.