Paul Dano And Zoë Kravitz Added To The Cast Of Batman


People weren’t pleased upon hearing the news that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman. Social Media was in total disagreement of his casting, probably because of his Twilight days. People shouted all around twitter that he is not strong enough to play Bruce Wayne. After seeing many of his films, I think he can pull this off, especially when he is under the guidance of Christopher Nolan while shooting for Tenet.

Nonetheless, people are excited to know about the rest of the cast. Paul Dano (There will be blood, Prisoners), will play The Riddler, one of the strongest villains of the Batman universe. The beautiful Zoë Kravitz, the daughter of the legendary musician, Lenny Kravitz, will play Catwomen. I think the casting is being done according to the script, and we should not judge anybody’s decision just yet.

Matt Reeves is a guy who was inspired by Christopher Nolan in reimagining the whole Planet of the Apes trilogy. He is a visionary; he must have thought this through. Rumour has it that the film is more of a detective movie, which is a great approach too, I guess.

Jeffery Wright is under negotiations to play Jim Gordon, and the talks between Jonah Hill and the studio have ended as they did not come to terms for him to play The Penguin.

Jim Carrey last played the Riddler in 1995. I think bringing back The Riddler will be exciting, considering the detective point of view of the film. The puzzles of Riddler will be quite a challenge for Batman to solve.