Parachute Advanced Coconut Crème Oil Review


I hate applying oil in my hair, but that had led to some dire consequences. My hair was becoming rough and they would break when I combed. I was adamant about not using good hair oil, I hated the greasy feel of it. A friend of mine suggested me to try Parachute Advanced Coconut Crème Oil, I didn’t have to keep it in my hair all day, I reluctantly agreed and purchased it.

The Parachute Advanced Coconut Crème Oil came in a plastic bottle. The pump on the lid made it easy to squeeze out the oil without causing a spill like other oil bottles. I only used this oil before shampooing my hair. To apply the oil, I poured the oil on my head and massaged my scalp to let the oil spread in my roots. It got absorbed by my scalp, and I let it sit for thirty minutes. Finally, I shampoo, the oil cream is removed easily by shampoo. I loved that the oil was non-greasy and the aroma was pleasant.

All my problems were solved without me needed to use oil every day on my hair. Parachute has been known to be a genuine brand with effective products, especially their coconut oils. This time they outdid themselves.

If you want complete care for your hair without applying oil every day on your head, you can fully trust on Parachute Advanced Coconut Crème Oil. My experience has been wonderful and I am sure you will like it.