Panipat Trailer Is Out And It Looks Like A Rehash


For those who didn’t pay attention in their history class, which means all of us, the third battle of Panipat was one of the greatest and bloodiest war in of the 18th Century, it began on 14 of January 1761, and it ended with the defeat of the Maratha kingdom. The battle had movie-like drama; the tactical confusion created by the Mughal army defined the war’s final moments. The betrayal that caused Mughal victory is the very manifestation of the term “All is fair in love and war.”

Since the success of the Bahubali franchise, epic war dramas are on a roll in Hindi film Industry. The trailer of Panipat is out now, and the treatment looks like the same thing as Padmavat and Bahubali. The story of Panipat war is a very interesting one, so the movie will be entertaining as the veteran Ashutosh Gowariker is directing it. But the trailer looked like I am watching the same old dialogues with identical old battle sequences, nothing seemed fresh.

The production looks grandiose, and Arjun Kapoor does not fit as the great Sadashiv Bhalerao. Kriti Sanon as Parvati bai is seemingly excellent, and Sanjay Dutt looks like he is back in his original form. Panipat will surely attract the audience to the theatre; it all remains in the hands of the production team to impress them. People should know about Panipat, and I think it could be an excellent opportunity for them to learn about the great war that opened the gateway for the East India Company to set their feet in our nation forty years later.