Pack Your Bags And Escape To These Quick Getaways From Mumbai!


Mumbai— the millennium city of India that never sleeps is bound to have many stressed-out children in its lap. People are always on the move and many more keep joining the brood on an everyday basis. For many people, the cosmopolitan city is a dream to live in but then there are hordes of others who are looking to escape the hustle-bustle of the concrete and enjoy their weekend at quick getaways near the capital of Maharastra. 

So, I have curated a list for 5 great places for you to visit when you feel life is getting too hectic for you to handle. They are a stone throw away and make a fun drive too. 


This famous beach is close to the Gateway of India. You can always take the ferry or even drive to Alibaug. There are water sports in abundance for you to choose and the beautiful Phansad sanctuary where you do some quiet bird watching!


Raigad Fort that is situated in Raigad is reminiscent of the Maratha period from the 17th century. Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains, you can climb their 1737 stairs or enjoy a cable car ride connecting to the fort. Greenery awaits you!


In everyday hustle-bustle, we often start to neglect our better halves and what is peter than taking them on a romantic getaway. Surrounded by the beautiful Western Ghats, Igatpuri is close enough for you to spend a lovely weekend. And if you are in a meditative mood then you can join the famous Vipassana centre. 


There is a reason why this place crawls into every weekend getaway list. The twin hills are a favourite amongst all and make a lovely trip for any and everyone, age no bar. The beauty of it all soothes the eyes of the beholders. It is nice to see the mountains when all you see are tall building in Mumbai.