Only Lovers Left Alive Is The Only Vampire Movie You Need


No, they don’t sparkle in the sun. They do, however, wear sunglasses in the dark. They play kickass guitar riffs, and they are last of their kind. These pale and beautiful monsters have a great sense of fashion and drink blood to get high. Only lovers left alive is the vampire movie that was enough to make up for the damage the twilight series made.

It is pertinent to mention that Only lovers left alive was nominated in the “100 greatest films since 2000,” by a critics poll. The movie follows the life and work of Adam(Tom Hiddleston) and Eve (Tilda Swinton). Adam is alive for hundreds of years and has influenced many musicians in his lifetime. He is now feeling suicidal, pondering on the meaning of life.

I loved the idea that these immortal beings have an existential crisis. It makes me think that even a prolonged life starts to lose its meaning. We are nothing but a part of a system in which we have to contribute until we can’t. We too will lose the excitement and thrill of being alive one day and contemplate death.

The entire reimagining of the picture of vampires people have in mind was a genius idea that was executed with style. Only lovers left alive is seductive, elegant, musical, and philosophical. Even if you hate vampire movies, you should watch this one.