One Room, 12 Men and One Masterpiece: 12 Angry Men Review


A lot of people have occasionally suggested that I watch this 1957 production. Yet for ages, it carried out to survive beneath my movie radar. However, tonight, I am honored to announce that ‘12 Angry Men’ now ranks as one of my all-time favorite films that everybody should see before they die.

With a narrative closer to American minds than perhaps those immune from mandatory jury work, the story opens in rather somber work but then picks up before your thoughts as these relative newcomers are forced to expand beyond their discriminations. It reveals not only their survival but amends the quality, trustworthiness, and integrity of others, all in the name of law and all that is good in this world.

The playtime will be irrelevant once the characters mingle with your mind, while the dialogue and physicality become so fascinating that you decline all understanding of time, and concentrate only on the revolutions before you. So when contemplating the proposition to those who might be peculiar, it leaves me to add that if you neglect to get this cinematic triumph after studying this article, you have only yourself to criticize.

I found seeing this film on a bored, relaxed laying time, but by the conclusion, I was on the tip of the couch with my palms on my knees feeling tenser than a lawmaker on results day. I appeal to you all, if you have not yet discovered this film, please move on now.