One Complete Package of Thriller: Kahaani


Kahaani by Sujoy Ghosh is one of the greatest thrillers I have watched in the Hindi cinema in recent times. This film is worth every penny. An extraordinary story that would leave you stunned and make you think of what is progressing on and what would take place next. Even after the capstone, it would shock you what the hell went on. Indeed an enigmatic movie that you can see with kids without a doubt. A fresh and gripping storyline. I loved the fact that the narrative did not drive a romantic element and Zero songs between figures and carried it smooth and focused.

With several sharp moments in the film like – Vidya’s imitation of the pregnant woman, gives a spectrum of emotions. She is reliable and tough on discovering her missing spouse. She is exposed, discouraged because of the absent cues. She is engaging in the manner she speaks with the kids and cheerful in the bus-ride with Officer Rana. Then the elegance with which Officer emotes the emotion he holds for Vidya and the pause while picking locks to discover out evidence. The bold, tough talk act by officer Khan and later the evil deed by Bob Biswas. Just splendid!

Sujoy Ghosh uses Vidya’s act cleverly every moment she stumbles or even sweats too heavy, reckless, and shock value. The plot grips you and sheets you at a sudden high. And what can I say about the climax will be never enough. The terrific shock value of the last few scenes! There have been surprisingly few occasions when I have encountered such pin-drop silence in the hall. Take an ovation, Sujoy. This was a Bollywood gem we much needed in our industry.

Kahaani represents that when every part falls in place for a film — plot, script, acting, editing, screenplay, and cinematography, etc. — things can’t go amiss. Kahaani is that film, where everything’s right.