Oktoberfest Is The World Largest Folk And Beer Fest


Six million people drink over seven million litres of beer in Munich’s Oktoberfest. Imagine the size of the beer belly on these people. Apart from that, pretzels, sausages, and chicken are the favourite snacks at the fest. It is not just a beer-drinking fest. The Bavarian cultural parades and fairground rides, and the native Bavarian costumes create an atmosphere of joy.

The fest is held in an area of 420,000 square meters where millions of people enjoy a beer in giant tents. The tents have evolved today; the construction is much sturdier today. With wooden benches and solid roofs, it is safer to enjoy inside the tents. A liter of beer can cost you upto €10.40-€10.70. I spent about a € 100 on beers itself.

Dressing up in the traditional Bavarian wear will be appreciated. What’s the point of enjoying a cultural fest if you are immersed in it. The fest is open from 10 am and goes till 10.30 pm. On weekends the fest opens at 9 am. It is always crowded, but I loved the enviornment.

It will come as a shock to you, but Oktoberfest is a family event also. The rides and the parade are enjoyed by families who come from all the corners of Germany. The fest this year has begun from September 21 and will end on October 6. It is worth to make the trip.