Nutritionists Approve These Tips For Better Holiday Baking


If you are in a mood to blow your family’s mind away with lip-smacking desserts this holiday season, then I have got your back. This year, I took a U-turn from my usual recipes and made genuine efforts to scale back mindless cooking. From adding dollops of sugar in a single cake to switching to healthier alternatives like jaggery, it has been mindblowing how much we can of a change our habits can endure.

I want to bring my findings to you. Here are some of the nutritionist-approved changes that you can make in your holiday baking:

#1 Swap thy flours

Swap 25 percent of the white flour with vegan flours such as almond and oat. It will not affect the fluff of the cake but will add amazing nutrition to the body. You really need this. Trust me.

#2 Get Omega-3 rich eggs

Eggs matter. Lol. You really need to check up on the kind of dairy you are using for your baking. If you decide to fetch eggs from places that ensure Omega-3 qualities, then it will improve your overall dessert experience.

#3 Decrease your sugar consumption by absenting it from your cake

I swear. You will not miss the absence of sugar from your cake if you take out this substantial amount. The benefits of it? They are more than you can count.

#4 Replace sugar-heavy fondants with glaze

As opposed to fondants, glaze carries half the sugar and taste twice as good. Making the glaze is easy, so why not make a total switch?

#5 Replace butter with healthy alternatives like peanut butter and mashed banana

You can get a really good deal on your nutritions if you try swapping 25 percent of the butter in a recipe with creamy stuff like pureed pumpkin, white beans, mashed banana, Greek yogurt, nut butter or mashed avocado.

Good luck on all the calories you will be cutting this year.

Toodles for now.