Number of Ways You Can Style Your White Shirt


September is a few days away, and you must be thinking of buying a thing or two for the upcoming events. Well, white is the new black, and we all got atleast one t-shirt that we love. You must be bored with all the old clothes that are hanging in your closet and would be looking for some new ways to style yourself.

There are ways you can buy and style a white shirt that would look hip and match your personality and the statements you’re trying to make.

The Formal look

A pair of pants, a leather belt, and the white shirt tucked in is the sign of elegance and of a man who means business. It is a look that will never go out of style, and you can wear it many occasions.

The Date look

Going on a date is mostly about making a statement; you have to look fresh and happening yet mature. A white shirt is a perfect example of that. Roll up the sleeves and sport a goggle, open the first button and you are good to go.

With a Sport Jacket

A jacket is a mans best friend in terms of clothing. Whether you are attending a meeting or a cocktail party. Sporting a coat with a white shirt will the impression that you are open to ideas and not too shady. Plus, it adds to your aura in terms of style.

The Suit or Tuxedo

The style god David Beckham is enough for me to sell you the idea of how amazing a white shirt can look under a suit or a tuxedo. All the eyes will be on you; you have to get the right tailor, and he will do the rest to make the whole attire complement your personality.