Nostalgic Cartoon Shows Which Millenials Loved


My childhood was spent in front of my TV, watching Hindi animated shows. Kids of today’s generation never hang up their phones and are occupied all day long on their social media. In this Youtube and Hulu age, they don’t have the quality content like us. If I can rewatch the shows I loved as a child, I would choose these –

The Jungle Book

JUNGLE BOOK ENGLISH episode 17 - YouTube

It is one of India’s most popular cartoons with the most nostalgic opening theme. It was just so awesome to see the adventure of Mowgli, his wolf pack, his enemy Sher khan, and all that followed. In those days, children waited for this beautiful Hindi cartoon all day long. Most new films arrived in this tale these days. We can never forget MOWGLI when we think about the good old days.

Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem - Dholakpur Kindergarten - YouTube

Inspired by the Might Bheem, the strongest of all Pandavas, Chhota Bheem is the ideal cartoon show to watch for little kids. He is intelligent and brave who tries to help everyone, despite facing difficulties created by Kalia and his friends.

Ninja Hattori-kun

Reliance Partners on New 'Ninja Hattori'

A little ninja dressed in blue. Our entire childhood watched his episodes on the NICK channel live. He lived with Mitsuba, his sister, and their dog. Their adventures are hilarious and cute at the same time.


It was a Japanese manga series, which became popular worldwide. It was loved throughout India. Even prevalent were the main characters Doraemon himself, NOBITA, SHIZUKA, and others. Doraemon is a robotic cat that travelled time and came back in the 22nd century to this day. Nobita is a young boy suffering from low grades, constant bullying and negative emotions such as depression and envy.