Noise Play Vlog Editon Sports and Action Camera Review


In the area of vlog cameras, GoPro surely represents some of the best devices for the task, but they aren’t a cheap investment. Now, a Gurgaon-based group called Noise wants to open into the industrial action camcorder retail, with a production called the Noise Play. It is one of their first ventures into the action camera segment. Let’s see how it fares.

Noise Play is an exciting product as it offers 4K video recording at a price of just Rs. 5,990. This makes it a standard competitor for someone seeking to have their feet wet in the action camera territory without suffering from investing a whole lot.

The whole exterior of the Noise Play is built entirely out of plastic, and the quality and finish are relatively average, the front has a soft rubber texture while the sides have a textured plastic grip. There’s a 2-inch LCD at the back which can be used to frame shots.

The Play arrives with 16-MP Sony sensor with a 170-degree wide-angle lens. It has three shooting modes, which are Video, Photo and Slow-motion. The resolution you set pertains to all these modes in the video segment, and the varieties differ from 4K at 30fps to 720p at 120fps.

The build quality of the screen on the Noise Play is average; viewing angles are good enough. The protective panel over the LCD display is quite flimsy.

As a novice-level action camera, Noise Play is not the worst place to start. It has a fair set of features like 4K video recording and a display. We also like that it comes with a useful set of bundled accessories to get you started. However, to achieve such a low price, certain compromises have had to be made. I would still call it a good product for someone who wants to start vlogging or travel and achieve it in a certain budget