NIVEA MEN Hair, Face & Body Wash, Pure Impact Shower Gel Review!


As much as we care for our face skin, we should care what we are applying on the rest of our bodies. I know soaps are cheaper options, but when I gave a try to body wash, there was no coming back. I never used soap in my life once I started using body wash. So, today I am reviewing the very first body wash I tried-NIVEA MEN Pure Impact Shower Gel and why I love it!

Hair gel: Okay, so one time I was in a hurry as I was running late for my office, so instead for using any face wash or shampoo I applied this shower gel all over my body. What I noticed afterward was that my hair didn’t get hard as it might get when we use anything on it. Well, what I am trying to say here is that my hair is very sensitive. So anything I apply (other than my regular shampoo) will make it a lot dryer and rough, but this shower gel didn’t harm it at all. This shower gel, in particular, is very soft on the skin, which is appreciable because you don’t want harsh chemical destroying your skin.

Micro-particles: The shower gel has some micro-particles which are basically helping agents in cleansing the skin when rubbed. The particles will actually clear all the dirt on the skin.

Smells good: I don’t know how many times I have forgotten to apply my deodorant ever since I started using this product. Because this smells so good and also leaves a long-lasting smell.

Freshness: This shower gel has been nailing a soap in all the boxes, and this one is no exception. Our regular soap won’t give the freshness like this Nivea Shower gel.

Affordable: At first I used to think that shower gels are expensive, but no, they aren’t. Just buy a loofah and use a coin-sized amount of this shower gel. It is not expensive than a soap.

So that’s it for this one, I will see you in my next review.