Netflix’s Documentary ‘The Game Changers’ Is Turning People Into Vegetarians


Everything we knew about protein and its right sources has been wrong from the beginning. Think of it like this. If you are eating chicken or beef, where do they get their protein from? The answer is simple, from plants. So why do we have to get our source of protein from them? Older studies have created a myth that animal-based protein is the purest form of it we can consume. Nothing has been farther from the truth.

Most of the athletes who have reached a prime of physical fitness even later in life have been on a plant-based diet. As you wil watch the documentary, you will see proofs with people and the difference between a plant-based and animal-based diet. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned vegetarian, and he had the lowest cholesterol of his life at the age of 69, that’s because he turned vegetarian at the right time.

I am a big-time meat eater, but after watching the Game changers, I am ruminating on switching to a plant-based diet for good. I was shocked to see the discoveries and examples in the documentary. Planet based foods made athletes better than they ever were. Even a single meal of meat or dairy affected their blood (You can see their blood samples in the film).

I am thinking long and hard now. The Game changers have been a surprising revelation, and we need to switch to being vegetarians now because it will add decades to your lifespan. The film is so convincing that you need to watch it ASAP and step into the world of truth.