Netflix’s After Life Is A Painfully Beautiful Show


Ricky Gervais is known for his dark; devil may care humour. Behind that brilliant comedian is an even better drama writer, which is proven in every episode of After Life, A black-comedy show created and directed by him.

The show is about a suicidal local newspaper journalist Tony Johnson(Ricky), whose wife died recently due to breast cancer. She has left him a series of videos to guide him through her afterlife. He has a cute female dog who loves him very much, and because of her, he is surviving with a heavy heart. Tony has decided to stick a litter longer and take his revenge from the world by being brutally honest, thinking of it as a superpower.

After Life is a beautiful contemplation on depression and grief, the things we all have to face sometime in life. Those who are suffering will find some comfort in the show, and those who are not will find an insight that is much needed to grow up.

A comedian cannot help himself making jokes. That’s what Ricky Gervais has done in the show, blending dark moments into some form of comedy, and trust me these moments will make you laugh rolling on the floor. I have not seen any show before that shows such a deep bond between a dog and a man. These moments are so cute and filled with love; you will get a puppy fever watching it.

Tony does drugs and alcohol to forget his pain, and he pushes people away because he has lost control over his life. GRR Martin once said art must reflect life. Maybe we all feel the same way as Tony, and I hope other viewers will find some solace too while watching the show.