Nail Shapes to Know Before You Book Your Next Manicure


Contrary to popular belief, a good manicure isn’t just about the artwork alone. Yes, rhinestones, foils, and matte lacquer take your paint job above and beyond, but it’s the nail shape that really makes a mani stand out.

Figuring out which shape should become your signature is kind of like a personality quiz because your nails actually say a lot about your style. If your style is polished but laid-back, opt for a squoval. If you’re over-the-top in all aspects of life, try a stiletto or coffin nail (a favourite of Kylie Jenner). And if you’re somewhere in between, go for an almond shape.  Read up on every different nail shape, ahead-


If you’re not daring enough for the stiletto nails, but the oval feels a bit too low-key, opt for this in-the-middle shape. The almond gives you a length that comes to a point, for a touch of extra. The mid-length design can work for either natural nails or acrylic.


The oval nail is another Instagram-favorite option for those looking for a more natural-looking (but still groomed) shape. Ask for the oval at your next manicure to play up your natural nails.


Thanks to Kylie Jenner’s obsession with the long, squared coffin nail, this ’80s design is Instagram’s favourite nail trend. The extra-long nils offer ample room for over-the-top artwork if that’s your thing. Just make sure to go for acrylic versions.


This mani is a mix between the square and oval shapes. It mimics the shape of a square nail, but with polished edges and a more rounded square curve. Try out this shape if you want to make your naturally-square nails look a bit more polished.


Lately, this sassy nail shape has been Billie Eilish’s go-to. The pointed tips can be dangerous, but they look so freaking fierce. Because of the length, these nails are more likely to break, so acrylics are the best option.