N.Y.C.INC Onion Oil Review


A lot of people don’t know that onion is good for hair in multiple ways. Onion has antibacterial properties which keep your scalp safe from infections and even flaking. Eating onion regulates blood flow in your scalp due to which our hair follicles are well-nourished.

I had known this information before, but I never knew that I could buy onion oil in the form of a product. As soon as I gained the knowledge, there are onion oils available in the market; I began my research to choose the best I found N.Y.C.INC Onion Oil and it intrigued me.

The packaging of the oil was like other oils, a flip cap plastic container from which you can either squeeze oil in drops or a stream. I applied the oil daily, and I noticed that my hair fall reduced drastically, and my dandruff was gone too. I took a look at all the ingredients and understood how the N.Y.C.INC Onion Oil was doing magic for my hair and scalp.

The onion is rich in vitamins and sulfur, which nourished my hair follicles. The sulfur reduced hair fall by strengthening them. The other nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin-E, Sandalwood oil, and Shea butter made the N.Y.C.INC Onion Oil a multipurpose oil. What more can you ask?

Apart from reducing hair fall and minimizing dandruff, N.Y.C.INC Onion Oil helps your hair to grow thick too. It is must buy for daily use; you will love it, I am sure.