My Wonderful Experiences At Universal Studios, Singapore


Finally, we toured the Universal Studios Singapore, which was Singapore’s very first Theme Park and my first trip out of India. In my whole life wanted to experience the movies I loved so dearly, it all came true at the Universal Studios.

Revenge of the Mummy ride- my brother and my father rode it three times, and it was very thrilling. I wouldn’t like to feel sorry about the twists and turns, once enough for me, but a must-try ride.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure-the excitement is getting so wet, and the sudden drop was too exciting at the end of the trip. Canopy Flyer (Lost World)-If the journey were longer, it would have been cool.

Shrek 4D attractions– The Shrek ride was terrific. There were sections before entering into the hall where the movie of Shrek starts. All the time, my family and I were laughing.

Madagascar– There was this ride while entering Universal Studios; it was a full boat ride and was mind-blowing. They show us the story of Madagascar movie, and they have characters that were speaking and popping.

Transformer Ride– In this ride, we have crossed so many sections to ride. Then comes the transformer, in which we will sit in the transformer and battle, it was one of the most fulfilling experience of my life.

I have bought so many mugs, T-shirts, keyrings, pillows, and many other things. There were stores of minions, puss in the boots, Shrek, ancient Egypt mummy, and many others. There were characters in of minions, puss in the boots, rabbit and tom and jerry which were meeting people in their cosplay costumes.

There were excellent water rides. Given the choice of variety, the food is expensive. Here we will spend nearly a whole day—substantial value for cash for all the numerous promotions. I have to admit that the robot ride was fantastic. In the end, all the things were amazing, and we have enjoyed ourselves a lot.