My Experience of Gifting a Fragrance: Coach For Men Eau De Toilette Review


It’s always complicated, purchasing perfume for someone else. When it comes to gifting cologne, it’s about playing it safe. A lot of people buy an Apple computer—because they think they can’t go wrong. “But perfume is more personal than that. It’s not about choosing a ‘good’ fragrance. It’s about choosing the one that’s a good match with the person who will be wearing it.”

To solve this dilemma of mine, I purchased cologne from Coach For Men Eau de Toilette.  And I can firmly say it did not disappoint me.

This cologne draws you on a trip of infinite possibilities, arousing a grasp of privilege that occurs from the spirit and spontaneity of New York. A modern fragrance that combines natural, vigorous leading notes and a skin-like tender eroticism in the amber, woody base notes. 

Speaking about fragrance it is masculine yet refined, a whiff of the scent starts with refreshing, fresh green Nashi pear with a blend of contrasted spicy cardamom. It finishes off with a textured and charming vetiver base note, filling surrounding with a pleasant smell, creating an aromatic, woody scent.

I picked this up for myself on a whim because I thought it was time to get myself something good to ward off the body odor. And am I so glad that I picked this one. It smells amazing! I love it.