My Diverse Food Menus That You Can Try This Diwali


Diwali has always been a big deal in my household. From buying new clothes to delicious dishes, the excitement starts soaring through me. But, this time I wanted to do something different. I thought, instead of the same old menu, why not bring in a sense of diversity? Hence, I made sure to include dishes from different states during our Diwali party. So, before I could proceed. I created cuisines from West Bengal, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Maharashtra for four days, asking my family members to vote for the dishes they loved the most. Check it out!

West Bengal

When it came to Bengali cuisine, I tried rice, macher jhal, khosa mangsho, aloo bhaja, begun bhaja, chingri macher malai curry, Misti dhoi, rosogolla, tomato chutney, salad, and dal. I personally love begun bhaja, which is a simple brinjal dish. And also, Macher Jhal, which is a spicy fish stew, was a major hit. Although rosogollas were adored by all, it was store-bought.


The next day, I went full-on South Indian. The menu included; rice, rasam, potato fry, fried papad , mango pickle, mix veg, and salad. Since I am from Karnataka, rasam is definitely an all-time favourite. But, the mix veg was a major hit.


My Rajasthani menu consisted of dal dati churma, roti, kachori, kadhi, dal, gatta saag, wadi, laal maas, ker sangri, dhokla, and chutney. Some I prepared at home, while some were store-bought, such as the kachori and dhokla. Dal bati churma, kadhi and gatta sag were major hits.


On the final day, I wanted to give Maharashtrian cuisine a try because that’s something I haven’t tried before. My menu included; chicken vade, chicken rassa, tambda pandhra rassa, and salad. My brother fell in love with chicken rassa and I had a diverse menu ready for my Diwali party!