My 5 Favourite Steals From My Mother’s Wardrobe


My fashion sense is all thanks to my mother. Whether it was seeing her drape a lovely saree before heading to work or her exotic bindi collection, my mamma has been my fashion icon for as long as I can remember. Now that I am older, I look up to her and try to emulate the elegance she carries around with her. So, it’s not surprising that my mum’s cupboard is like a chest of treasures for me. And, these are my five favourite steals from her wardrobe.

  1. Enthralling Sarees

My mum has a lovely collection of sarees. From Bengal cotton to Mysore Silk, they are more than just sarees for me. They almost tell a story. Few of the sarees in my mom’s closet are passed on to her from my grandma. And, that’s just WOW!

2. Pearls

If you think pearls are old-fashioned then you are completely wrong. Today, pearls are trending again, and you can match them with almost any outfit, that’s how versatile they are.

3. Watch

My mom still has an old watch from the 80s, which was a gift from my granddad. And, this watch still works and it’s oh-so-gorgeous. It’s a delicate piece and works perfectly with my dresses as it adds a vintage touch.

4. Sunglasses

My mom still owns her 90s ray bans and they are simply exquisite. When I don them, the glasses make me feel so elegant and regal.

5. Vintage Bag

My mum has this old tan bag, that is basically a vintage bag and its just spectacular. This bag is still in great condition, but I use it sparsely to ensure it stays in good condition. But, whenever I take it out, the bag becomes the centre of attraction.