Must-Try Chinese Dishes For Your Hungry Stomach


China is a beautiful country with a mix of tradition and modern culture, history, ethics and traditions. Home to tourist attraction and rich culture, this place offers a lot even when it comes to exquisite cuisine. A popular cuisine, all over the world, much evident in the show ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the food is loved by everyone. Listing out a few of the most amazing Chinese dishes, one should try at least once in their life.


Walk into a Chinese restaurant, pick up the menu, and you won’t miss out on dumplings. Dumplings are a very famous dish of the Chinese culture and have been eaten for decades now. Like a tradition, knowing how to cook dumplings are a must for every Chinese. Dumplings took as the traditional dish, and if you ever visit China, you won’t return back without trying their authentic dumplings. The fillings are of vegetables or meat and are steamed.


Tofu is a dish made with soy milk and curd and formed into small cubes or blocks. It is quite a famous dish of Asian cuisine and is often with dishes like rice, salad or soup. A source of protein and calcium, Tofu is a healthy option how seeks healthy food.

Fried Rice

A world-famous Chinese dish, made by frying rice in a pan with a number of sauces and vegetables, meat, seafood. Fried Rice is itself a fulfilling dish but can be eaten with anything. It is easy to make and should definitely be tried.

Soup Dumplings

Now, these dumplings are different than the ones I talked about earlier. Shanghai’s famous dish is served in a wide soup spoon. You need to eat them with chopsticks by taking a bite at a time.