Must-Have Vegan Salads


You can have salad any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or supper. With so many health benefits salads are available everywhere, but sometimes you need that power pack meal from the goodness of home. So save your precious time I am listing here Five ingredients salads using in-home groceries which will also have an impact on your wallet.

Caprese salad

This salad is crisp and tangy. You need this cherry tomato salad for your next cookout. Just take tomatoes, basil leaves, some seasoning, cottage cheese and a drizzle of olive oil and your set for the day. Quick and easy.

Italian pesto

You need two roasted colourful bell peppers, fresh-made pesto, red tomatoes, cilantro and penne boiled pasta. Add all the items in a large bowl mix them well and serve at room temperature for max flavours.

Hot Israeli

This salad is my all-time favourite because of its freshness and some healthy and spicy ingredients. Take a large bowl, fill it with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, bits of falafel, olive oil and apple cider vinegar finish it with salt and pepper — one excellent addition to Middle Eastern cooking.

Corn salad

A perfect summer dish. Take out corn and grill it for 10 mins, In a bowl add some feta cheese, onions, blend some fresh green herbs for the crispness, and you’re lunch is sorted.